Inaugural Meeting of the Code Reading Group

September 18, 2008

Sept 18 2008 10am, BA 5250. Four in attendance. I accept the blame for not sending a reminder and for people going to the wrong room.

We’ll meet again on Tuesday, September 30th at 5pm, and biweekly thereafter. Location to be announced as I’ll be trying to book a room with a projector.

Andrew will send out the URL of the “App Server”, which allows CS students access to Windows.

Some projects we’d like to look at:

  • GNU Coreutils (For Tuesday’s meeting!)
  • Google Chrome
  • jQuery (Note concerns that it may be too advanced for readers without a Javascript background)
  • A text editor, e.g. Nano
  • Django

We’re still looking for more suggestions and ideas.

Christian suggests we hold a “What does this Regex do?” puzzle biweekly and will choose the first one for our next meeting.


2 Responses to “Inaugural Meeting of the Code Reading Group”

  1. Greg Says:

    Please add me to the notification list — I’d love to come.

  2. Neil Says:

    There’s a projector in the ‘debugging room’, either turn it on manually or get the remote from Marsha or Steve E. There’s also a projector in the small conference room with the same remote.

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