October 9 Meeting of the Functional Programming Reading Group

October 9, 2008

We reviewed “Why Functional Programming Matters”, by John Hughes.

Along the way, we discussed some foundational FP concepts, such as currying, closures and functors.

Eventually, we’d like to move to a model where each meeting we cover a set of papers. Each of us reads a different one in depth and skims the others. At the meeting each of us will teach the deeply studied concepts to the others.

We agreed that we needed more foundational material before we begin to specialize. We also agreed that we’d like to move in a more theoretical direction for now—for example, we’ll look at some type theory, lambda calculus, and category theory.

I found an online book called “Type Theory and Functional Programming.” [PDF] We’ll read chapters 2 & 3 for the next meeting in two weeks: October 23.

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