October 21 Code Reading Meeting

October 22, 2008

We met in the DGP lounge (Projector that speaks DVI! Yes!) for an hour an went over the Django URL dispatch code. We talked about how Python is a good language for this group’s purposes.

We also debated the ideal format for a code reading group—we’ll get a good system worked out. The tradeoff is that it’s better for us all if we each go over some assigned code individually, but not everyone has the time to do it.

For next week (Tuesday, October 28, 5pm, BA 5181), we’re going to look at BitTorrent. We’ll collaboratively explore it at the meeting but those of us reading ahead should think about:

  • What optimizations could be put in for the one-server one-client case?

Before the meeting, everyone will send out their preferred tools, tricks and techniques for exploring an unfamiliar piece of Python code.

For my part, I like to browse around using a graphical debugger and an architecture diagram where possible but for now I’m stuck with TextMate and PDB.

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