Notes on “Augmenting the Social Space of an Academic Conference”

October 27, 2008

Augmenting the Social Space of an Academic Conference: Joseph F McCarthy, David W McDonald, Suzanne Soroczak, David H Nguyen, Al M Rashid

The authors built and systematically evaluated two Ubicomp applications. The applications were designed to augment an academic conference. Both relied on RFID tags in delegate conference passes.

The first system, AutoSpeakerID, projects the delegate’s profile on large screen when the delegate asks a question of a conference speaker.

The second system, Ticket2Talk, displays delegate profiles on a large screen as they interact in a coffee area.

The authors evaluated both systems by observing their use and surveying conference delegates for their thoughts.

Both systems are interesting additions to a conference. They are both simple to build. The evaluations suggested there is some value in them, even if it is only novelty value.

In general, I’m skeptical of any technology system designed to cause people to interact where they otherwise wouldn’t. In my opinion, the Ticket2Talk system fits in this category. I don’t understand why so many researchers keep trying to build systems to get people to talk to strangers more.


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  1. Ian Says:

    Sounds like an interesting way, however, of logging your adhoc meeting stuff … if the system detects you talked to someone, it could log an adhoc meeting as having occured, maybe including some details about who you talked to and if they were in the same session as you just came from, etc.

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