Stop Reading This Blog

December 4, 2008

You’re still here. Well, stick around, I’ll keep it interesting.

I know some people read this blog. You might have a blog of your own. You might have been hurt when you found out that, unless you’re my thesis supervisor, I don’t read your blog or any other blog for that matter: I quit Google Reader many months ago and I get the Third Bit via email.

Courtesy of Hacker News, I just found a great write-up of my reasons for this: “Real Advice Hurts.” Go read it.

It’s great when someone smarter than you says something you’ve been wanting to say.

This really doesn’t make sense unless you read the link.

I’ve been groggily waking up to my ambitions’ need for more do less learn. It’s why I sought out a mentor who gets things done. It’s part of why I joined a ferociously pragmatic organization founded by a ferociously pragmatic old friend. Real Advice Hurts hit hard. I love to learn—really, truly, deeply love—and it’s a trap and it’s killing me.

But! Blogging about this won’t help me. Your blog reader won’t help you. So! Go away. If you come back, guard your time. Stop reading this blog.


4 Responses to “Stop Reading This Blog”

  1. Greg Wilson Says:

    Oh dear — someone needs to go back to decaf…

  2. Jorge Says:

    I guess we all know we’ll keep reading if you keep writing.

  3. Ian Says:

    Herbal tea might be an even better choice. Camomile maybe?

  4. Blog visits are part of guarding time.
    Fortunately your readers seem to understand what it is you are writing about.

    I am content to meander and see all that I do not understand.

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