Hack Session 1

January 29, 2009

Andrew Trusty and I spent three hours this afternoon in a hack session. Reynold Xin was here for a bit but left because his laptop was unusable.

We built our first Google App Engine application: Idea Hat. It’s a little rough around the edges—we have ambitious goals for it—but it works and it runs at http://idea-hat.appspot.com. http://idea-hat.appspot.com/ideas/random.

Available on my GitHub or Andrew’s.

Now we’re hungry. Next week we finish this thing like Paris Hilton’s career.


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  1. Dustin Says:


    (I added an idea)

  2. […] Session 2 February 8, 2009 Andrew Trusty and I sat down for another 3-hour hack session on Thursday. A new version of the idea hat is the result. Our source code is […]

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