Search engine optimization, Google and the Deep Web

February 1, 2009

On January 7, 2008, on an old blog, I wrote:

I noticed some odd behaviour from the Googlebot in my server logs today: It’s using my search feature on key words.

Best guess is that it uses the search as one way of determining my site’s relevance on these keywords.

Clever. SEO tip: If your site has a search feature, make sure it works well on the keywords. Google cares.

Today: How google crawls the deep web and a newly-discovered announcement from April 2008: Crawling through html forms

How well does your site’s search form work for the keywords you care about?


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  1. Aesc Says:

    Sometimes I read your blog just to remind me that there’s a whole world of knowledge out there that I will never begin to understand… And I know I could go basically anywhere to come to the same conclusion, but it’s all the more interesting given that we grew up in the same house.

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