Hack Session 2

February 8, 2009

Andrew Trusty and I sat down for another 3-hour hack session on Thursday. A new version of the idea hat is the result. Our source code is available, of course.

We’re below 12 animal-hours of work on this thing. Not bad!

Here’s the changelist:

  • You can make your own independent hats.
  • New totally awesome design!
  • Submitted ideas are now anonymous.

Known bugs:

  • Every homepage access results in a new hat. We intend to have one global, default hat.
  • The ideas list superimposes all ideas.
  • URLs are not discoverable.

3 Responses to “Hack Session 2”

  1. Greg Wilson Says:

    You know, you two would be very welcome to hack on Basie (the Django-based replacement for DrProject) if you want…

  2. Dustin Says:

    Sweet. Added another idea. I had to look around to figure out where other hats are. The photo background is interesting to look at without distracting from the interactive components of the interface. When I first saw the pen I thought it was a wand (given the context of the upturned hat).

  3. George Says:

    What in the wide world of sports is “idea hat”?

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