March 7, 2009

The launch

The other day I put up Academic Hacker News. People at school were too busy to check it out so I submitted it on the real Hacker News yesterday. You can see the discussion.

The response has been rewarding. People seem enthused with the idea. I got a few suggestions about my terrible taste in colours and the difficulty in finding the RSS feed. Over 100 people have registered user accounts and there have been over twenty submissions so far. Not bad for < 24 hours.

I want this to succeed and become a good tool for practitioners in our area. Now I need ideas on how to build momentum and get the word out. Help!

A lesson and thanks

This wouldn’t have happened if the department didn’t have infrastructure that let us easily set up servers. It also wouldn’t have worked if I didn’t have Alan‘s help and approval along the way. Thanks, Alan.

An open question: What other infrastructure could we have that would enable lightweight independent student projects?

Now, off to check out all the submitted links…


4 Responses to “”

  1. zak Says:

    What is our area?

  2. aran Says:

    @zak: You know it when you see it.

  3. zak Says:

    @aran: I assure you that I do not. That would make my life simpler, though…

    What I consider to be “in my area” is redefined on a weekly basis. I have only a slight inkling of what you consider to be in your area. Are we in the same area? I don’t know – how big is an area?

  4. area = πr^2

    Or possible l*w if you prefer rectangles.

    (sorry couldn’t resist)

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