April 24, 2009
  1. Download Microsoft Windows Vista Business, for free, from MSDNAA.
  2. Burn it to DVD+R. Learn that DVD-R is evil.
  3. Partition drive using Boot Camp. Boot Camp partitions live without a reboot! Partitioning fails due to a disk integrity error.
  4. Reboot computer using Mac OS X Leopard installation CD. Run Disk Utility. Repair disk.
  5. Reboot normally. Partition drive using Boot Camp. Leave 50GB for Vista.
  6. Reboot using Vista CD.  Answer a few setup questions.
  7. Vista installation zooms by!
  8. Enter a password for Vista.
  9. Wait for self-configuration to finish.
  10. Insert Mac OS X Leopard installation CD. Install all sorts of drivers and things.
  11. Reboot into Mac OS X. Retrieve important passwords from Keychain. Store them and some files to USB stick.
  12. Reboot into Windows. Connect to internet!
  13. Download 51 updates, mostly critical security patches. Reboot.
  14. Between 10 and step 13, confirm your intentions to Vista 3,042 times. Yes, I really want to do the thing I just asked you to do, Vista.
  15. Download Project, Visio, Visual Studio from MSDNAA. Copy .iso files to USB stick for later burning. Toys to play with and learn!
  16. Fiddle with various .iso mounting tools for an hour. Settle on one. Install free expensive Microsoft Software. Installations (seem to) go much faster from USB drive than from hard drive.
  17. Download and install Expression.
  18. Spend hour or more trying to get Dell 2405FPW monitor to work properly. Its maximum resolution is 1024×768 in Windows Vista even though in XP or Mac OS X or Ubuntu it works at 1920×1200. No driver for it.
  19. Download 24 new critical updates made necessary by new software installations.
  20. Look for toys to play with. Fail. Turn on Aero and play with Windows-Tab for fourteen minutes and thirty-two seconds. Discover and get mind blown by Windows Live Writer’s sheer awesome. Laugh yet be intrigued at IE8’s suggested sites. People who like Windows Live Search also like MySpace. People who visit Microsoft Update also visit Firefox Download Page.
  21. Bring laptop to office. Forget power cable.
  22. Watch in terror as battery meter drops precipitously. Scramble to find power settings. Find them. Turn on maximum power saver. Forty-five minutes of charge remaining at 3/4 full battery. Scramble to find option to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi. Fail. There is no easy way.
  23. Reboot into Mac OS X. Miss Windows Live Writer. Make note to learn Visual Studio, F#, C#, Project, Visio, Expression, Power Shell.
  24. Look forward to Julie Larson-Green saving the Windows UI.

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  1. Edward Ocampo-Goodinh Says:

    🙂 I actually have high hopes for the next Windows. Here’s hoping for a good one.

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