Notes on “Anchoring and Adjustment in Software Estimation”, thesis version

May 6, 2009

I finally read Jorge’s thesis. It went by much more quickly than expected—I expected much more dry reading and fluff.

I see what Greg means when he says we should strive to write one like this. Jorge crisply demonstrated a non-obvious point that matters in the real world: If someone gives you a meaningless number, it will affect your estimate of the effort required to complete a software project.

I see what Jorge means about a close relationship between suitability for a thesis and suitability for a paper. The conference paper is very much a concise version of the same thing.


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  1. Jorge Says:

    Shucks, thanks!

    Of course, I’d also love to read your thoughts on it if you didn’t know I was reading them 😉

    In case you’re interested, for that work the progression was: (1) paper for Steve’s course, with fewer participants and a weaker analysis, (2) thesis, expanding on related work and # of participants, and (3) conference paper, removing most of the fluff.

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