Trawl for DSL Debugging Anecdotes…

May 29, 2009
I intend to send out the following message. I welcome suggestions on targets and editing.
I’m looking for some (serious) anecdotes describing debugging experiences of domain-specific language programs. In particular, I want to know about particularly thorny bugs which caused you lots of headaches. I’d like to know how you cracked the problem– what techniques/tools you used: did you ‘home in’ on the bug systematically, did the solution suddenly come to you in your sleep, etc. A VERY brief stream- of-consciousness reply (right now!) would be much much better than a carefully-worked-out story. I can then get back to you with further questions if necessary.
Motivation: For my Master’s research I will study DSL debugging. DSLs get lots of hype—from Paul Graham, Dave Thomas, Charles Simonyi, Sergey Dmitriev, the Ruby crowd and others—but debugging issues are rarely discussed. This trawl is ¬†inspired by Marc Eisenstadt’s “Tales of Debugging from the Front Lines.” In fact the text above is ripped from his paper.
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