Freshly Updated Research Questions

June 8, 2009
Are DSL programs a significant target for maintenance effort?
    How does the maintenance of DSL programs compare to the maintenance of GPL programs?
        Does debugging of DSL programs consume significant effort?
            Does debugging of DSL programs take more or less effort than similar-sized GPL programs? Why?
                Does the nature of bugs in DSL programs differ from bugs in GPL programs?

                Do programmers form thorough models of DSL program execution?
                    Are these models correct?

                    Do programmers have difficulty forming cognitive models of alternative execution models?
                        How are programmers trained in specific DSLs?

                Do tool differences cause differences in difficulty?
                    Do GPL tools help with DSL maintenance?

                Do differences in size between DSL programs and GPL programs cause differences in difficulty?
                    How do we compare the size of a DSL program to the size of a GPL program?

                        Effort invested in creation?

                        Physical size, i.e. bytes/tokens/lines?

            Do programmers follow a similar process for debugging DSL and GPL programs?
                Do programmers perform slicing on DSL programs?

                Do programmers follow a known model of GPL debugging, e.g. Hale and Haworth 1991?

        Does change of DSL programs to meet new requirements consume significant effort?

    Why not?

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  1. Ian Says:

    Depending on the years out of school/training you are targeting for the survey, you might want to include an explanation/description of some of the terms. I don’t know what gets taught these days for debugging in college or university (if anything!) – 20 years ago, there was almost nothing taught. Maybe I’m under-read, but, I was surprised in reading Zeller, to learn dynamic slicing is the name of the most common debugging technique I use … but had I not read Zeller, I would not have known that … and I would not be on a quest to find dynamic slicing tools to use to make my job easier.

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