Writing a thesis in public

June 8, 2009

I believe in openness, transparency and accountability. I believe in rapid iterations and honest feedback. I believe in backups.

Repository browser for my thesis!

hg clone http://www.arandonohue.com/hg/thesis

Or:  Atom RSS for changes

An unstable draft will be always be available here.

The system:

  • Mercurial repository browser
  • Francois Pitt’s LaTeX thesis template
  • TextMate TODO bundle
  • Paper notes are kept in LaTeX comments in the bibtex file
  • Copies of the papers are kept in an unversioned cited-papers/ directory
  • Post-commit hooks
    • Push the code to the web
    • Make a PDF and upload it

One Response to “Writing a thesis in public”

  1. Neil Says:

    What’s the licence for your code to run post-commit hooks? I’d like to copy them.

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