Notes on “An empirical study of fault localization for end-user programmers”

June 30, 2009
An empirical study of fault localization for end-user programmers: Ruthruff, J.R. and Burnett, M. and Rothermel, G.
End-user programming is the majority of all programming. End-user programmers do not have adequate tool support for the tasks they perform, which include spreadsheet programming, macro creation and rule-based programs. This paper focuses on fault localization.
A fault localization technique has two factors that are important to its performance. The first is the information base or type of information maintained by the technique. The second is the mapping or the way the technique maps information onto feedback.
Four contributions: Empirical investigation of importance of the two factors. Empirical data on three information bases and three mappings. Insights into how to measure fault localization technique effectiveness. Finally, evidence that user make mistakes when testing and debugging end-user programs.
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