“Relevant After” for todo lists

January 26, 2010
Andrew and I used FogBugz to organize ourselves leading up to our YC interviews last fall. I just filled out a customer survey; here’s what I told them for “Missing Features”:
I’ve wanted this from every project-management system I’ve ever used: A “Relevant after” field that hides items from all default views until a trigger (e.g. date, or other task completion).
This would let me brainstorm todo items without being annoyed by clutter that isn’t relevant yet.
For example, I handed in a draft of my Master’s thesis on Monday afternoon. My second reader told me, “OK, I’ll read it Wednesday morning and get back to you.”
As of that moment, I have a new todo item: Either deal with her feedback or remind her that I need her feedback. This new task is not relevant to me until Wednesday except when planning other tasks to be done that day.  And I know how you feel about software that gets in your face with irrelevant shit.
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