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Dedicated Customer Service Teams

September 16, 2008

Mark Fox’s Novator has dedicated customer service teams for each of his big clients. When the client calls, the same team picks up every time. In Novator’s case, this team might only work for the one client.

I want this for consumer call centres.

When I call today, I wait on hold, then someone in a call centre answers. The person who answers is the first among thousands to be available to take my call. They don’t know me and will never deal with me again. If I call back, I get someone else. They don’t care if I am unhappy.



When I call, I identify myself and leave a call-back number. When someone is ready to deal with me, I get a call. Innovation #1.*

The call centre is sliced into hundreds of small teams of two or three attendants. Each team of attendants has a portion of the customer base assigned to it. Every time I call, I get someone on the same tiny team. There is an infusion of accountability and humanity. Innovation #2.

(The disadvantage is the statistically higher likelihood of waiting on hold for longer. See Innovation #1.)

* Business idea: A for-pay service that waits on hold for you, and calls you when the other party picks up.


Innovation Generation

September 16, 2008

From class:

  • Why is it the way it is?
  • What’s ridiculous?
  • Cui bono? (Who benefits?)
  • We’ve always done it this way.
  • Where’s the gap?

From the Little Computer Scientist:

  • Internet → Intranet.
    • Facebook → Social Networking for the Enterprise or Social Networking for Families.
    • Youtube → Video Sharing and Search Behind the Firewall.
    • GMail → GMail on Google Appliance for Intranet. (And not Google Office!)
  • Desktop → Internet
    • Finder + Git → Dropbox
    • finger → Facebook
    • Eclipse → Heroku